Raising scores by improving 

critical thinking 

Our approach aligns with the College Board's plan to improve critical thinking in the redesigned SAT.


"On the math calculator section, "many questions do not require a calculator and can actually be solved more quickly without one."  The College Board

A Strategy for Every Section


  • Evidence Based Reading 

  • Writing and Language 

  • Heart of Algebra 

  • Problem Solving & Data Analysis

  • Advanced Math Topics

Analyzing the questions and applying the right approach gives the student the opportunity to answer correctly.

 Learn to Manage the Clock
for each SAT Section
  •  Reading:  65 Minutes, 52 Questions, 1.25 min/question. 

  •  Writing & Language: 35 Minutes, 44 Questions,  48 sec/question.

  •  Math No Calculator:  25 Minutes, 20 Questions, 1.25 min/question.

  •  Math Calculator:  55 Minutes, 38 Questions, 1.25 min/question.   


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